Saturday, September 3, 2016

The price of the 16GB and 64GB iPhone SE Withe Specifications

The price of the 16GB and 64GB iPhone SE Withe Specifications - Since the helm of Apple taken over by Tim Cook, Apple began switching makes smartphones with large screens in order to compete against Android and Windows Phone, but there are still many Apple Fan Boy who expects Apple back to producing screen smartphone is small, so was born the "Apple iPhone SE". This smartphone appear attractive with gorgeous body wrapped in premium materials and carry a design that looks very similar to iPhone 5s were released two years ago. Then what kind of specifications?

This smartphone chipset brings Apple A9 Dual Core processor in it has. Although the clock speednya lower than the processor used Android smartphone, but the performance is amazingly fast and able to run all the features, applications, and games smoothly. It is not separated from the use of the IOS operating system, known as the best mobile operating system today. Many people who love iOS for some reason is more simple and runs very smooth, even wear berprocessor smartphone Dual Core.

Kitchen runway powerful that carried him to disetarkan SE iPhone with iPhone 6s equally adopt Apple A9 chipset. Not only business performance, this smartphone also has a sophisticated camera that can record 4K resolution video and slow motion video 720p @ 120fps. Do not stop there, the smartphone is also equipped with various advanced features, such as Fingerprint Sensor, and a personal assistant Siri. Interestingly, the price of the iPhone SE will be priced cheaper than the iPhone 6s.

Source : Harga Hp iPhone SE .