Monday, September 12, 2016

Prices for Lenovo A5000, Affordable Smartphone Battery Durability

Harga Lenovo A5000 - Prices for Lenovo A5000, Affordable Smartphone Battery Durability - Various vendors have dared to make a cheap smartphone with high specifications, dalah one of which is the release of Lenovo Lenovo A5000 for low market entry. Smartphone is equipped with the specification is quite tough, mendalkan Quad Core processor, only the processor is still under Lenovo A6000 which uses 64 Bit processor made by Qualcomm.

As for Lenovo A5000 still using 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor like those of the Lenovo A536. Processornya also still use arisitektur 32 Bit, so losing faster than have the A6000. To cover up these weaknesses, Lenovo to take bold decisions cheapness smartphone complete Harga Lenovo A5000 with jumbo-sized battery 4000 mah. The Bateari is like that of Lenovo P70, only for the price is certainly different.

Lenovo appropriate targeted class that is low-class entry, of the selling price of Lenovo A5000 will be priced quite cheap. Most likely, this smartphone will be marketed Harga Hp Samsung J1 at a price below 2 Million, because this class is still there Lenovo A6000 is equipped with more advanced specs. Any later official price of this phone, it seems to be still selling well, because there is a jumbo-sized batteries, rarely possess the smartphone class.

In addition to large-sized battery, of course there are many advantages to compete against the A5000 smartphone entry level class. Not only are its advantages, this phone definitely has some drawbacks that you should know before you buy. For those of you who are planning to buy this phone, please refer to the first terelebih reviews which brought about Lenovo A5000 Specifications And Price following.

To date there has been no official word regarding price Lenovo A5000, but it is expected this smartphone will be priced cost follow the hardware specifications still fairly minimal. Although existing therein sized battery 4000 mah, but it is still not to compete against other smartphones are already equipped with 64 Bit processor, while the phone is still using 32 Bit Advan i5A artificial Mediatek processor. To see the full specs, let's take a look below.

Present bring dual sim become obligatory for Lenovo A5000 to attract consumers in the entry-level class. In addition the screen is also supported by the IPS technology (In-Plane Switching) to produce a clear picture and wider viewing angle on the screen size of 5 inches. Unmitigated, this phone is also equipped with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels HD coated splash-proof technology Nano Coating sebaga screen protectors, so the screen could be safely exposed to splashing water when it rains.