Saturday, September 3, 2016

About Me

Hello my name Arvikis. I love my job at the moment. For me this is a fun hobby. Met with many outstanding personal reply. My leadership there are five people. Almost all are professors. Two of which are the ministry officials. I was amazed to be working with him this. I never imagined, I was the only D3 can obtain this extraordinary opportunity. Maybe this is overkill. But really, I never imagined how the Lord entrusted this job to me.

I am proud to be in tengah2 positive team and a lot to teach a variety of knowledge and insight. My dream used to be simple, I love the management. I like the schedule. I love to make things tidy and beautify. For me, love is like a system that is already flowing. Whenever loca certain communities, like automatic machine I always take part to the management of affairs. And now, almost all of my work deals with this. I have to set the agenda, arrange travel, organize technical place and the others for a meeting. It is always fun!

I like to write. Writing is a culture for our family. Like the blood that flows in our bodies, literature; art; culture; is the daily diet. I love beauty. I like to speak in public (even though my voice is not so good to hear) I like drawing and coloring.

I am the son of a poet who has menusantara. His best friend is a writer in the entire state. Sideburns and mustache often makes people afraid. But who knows his gentle and wise. He taught me to write. Nilai2 taught me about life. Teach me what is art and beauty.

My other site : Harga Hp .