Monday, September 12, 2016

Acer Liquid Jade 2 and Full Specifications

Harga Acer Liquid Jade 2 - Acer Liquid Jade 2 and Full Specifications - Acer also participated in the event WMC 2016 currently underway in Barcelona Spain. Acer is bringing one of the new smartphones that have a very high specification the Acer Liquid Jade 2. Smartphone in will be one of the flagship smartphone which is owned by Acer, the specification carries very spectacular. Surely brotekno already very familiar with Acer is not it? vendors were initially engaged in computer technology have penetrated into the field of smartphones and tablets, have a lot of Acer's smartphone marketed in Indonesia, known Acer smartphone with the cheap price but the quality is very good quality.

As one of the flagship smartphone of course equip Acer smartphone Harga Acer Liquid Jade 2 with a specification that is qualified. Acer has pinned magnitude Octa Core processor on a chipset that is highly qualified made by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 which, coupled with a capacity of 3 GB of RAM would make this smartphone will be very interesting. In terms of features will be very spectacular where the side of the camera of this smartphone will have a high ability to produce images that are highly qualified. Brotekno curious about the newest smartphone from Acer? determines clearer Specifications and Price Acer Liquid Jade 2 see her information that we have prepared the following.

Harga Acer Z205 Comparable to the price of the Acer Liquid Jade 2 smartphone is equipped by Acer with the component specifications are very tempting, the kitchen runway performance of his reinforced by processor-powered Octa Core divided into Dual-Core speed 1.8 GHz Cortex-A57 and Quad-Core speed 1:44 GHz Cortex -A53 embedded in a chipset from Qualcomm gahar the Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 so that the smartphone Acer Liquid Jade 2 will have outstanding performance. Not to mention with memory capacity of 3 GB RAM so multitasking capabilities of this smartphone very smoothly.

With the memory capacity of RAM is very relieved  Harga Acer Liquid Z410 of course when we open many applications still will be very smooth, play games will be very smooth, Acer Liquid Jade 2 will be very suitable for brotekno who love to play games article Acer also pin card graphics processing of Adreno 418 GPU so the games we play will show quite remarkably clear graphics animation soft and the colors are very sharp.

To enhance the capability of the hardware specifications of Acer embed its Android operating system Android OS v6.0 or marshmallow that has particularly a lot of advantages. Smartphone Acer Liquid Jade 2 also provides a storage capacity of very relieved namely 32 GB so that we can premises freely install many applications mapun save the file with the number of lots, comparable to the price of the Acer Liquid Jade 2 smartphone is also able to be fitted with microSD capacity of 200 GB to increase capacity his memory.

In the design of the body that binds Acer Liquid Jade 2 is still the same with smartphones Acer mostly, the body of the smartphone is made of plastic material which has a long dimension of 156.6 mm and then the width of 75.9 mm and a thickness of 8.4 mm, although its body is made of plastic material, but its weight at 150 grams, but they will feel comfortable to operate so natural that later the price of Acer Liquid Jade 2 will be quite expensive.

Then on the front side brotekno will be presented with a screen measuring 5.5 inch manifold panel Super AMOLED has very good quality, the screen carries that carry span measuring 5.5 inch Full HD resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels so as to display an image with very sharp and high detail, especially with very high pixel density that is 401 ppi pixel per inch so that the screen is very soft because its pixels is very tight, will be very suitable for brotekno who like watching HD movies or playing games. Comparable to the price of Acer Liquid Jade 2 screens brought the already carrying 2.5D technology and also a layer of Zero Air Gap technologu sehigga screen quality will be so maximum. Acer provides excellent protection for the screen is also coated with scratch-resistant glass from Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is very strong.