Saturday, September 3, 2016

Price Latest Apple iPhone 6 and Specification

Price Latest Apple iPhone 6 and Specification - Some time ago had become a remarkable phenomenon, namely the launch of the Apple Iphone 6, the upper middle class products become more frequent with the newest products. With the wide variety of support sesifikasi, therefore admin will little about the specifications and price of the iPhone 6. The product was released in September 2014, so the date of 9 September 2014 officially launched, but for Indonesia is likely to release in the next month. iPhone 6 has a magnificent design and feature extra slim size compared with the iPhone 5S and 5C.

Price is the advantage of enthusiasts who would buy these products, prices 6 Iphone priced at around Rp 8.989 million, - for 16 GB of memory and 64Gb Rp 10.799 million to 11.599 million USD for 128GB. The price represents a new price of iphone 6, while prices would have been different in each area.

But the price can you make a benchmark price of iphone 6 if you are interested in buying iphone 6, its price might also differ only slightly with the price of iphone 6 your area. Smartphone has incredible price it gives its own innovations for consumers who need to think repeatedly to achieve this desire to buy a smartphone in the Iphone 6.

Source : Harga Hp iPhone 6 .