Saturday, September 3, 2016

Price iPhone 7 Latest Update

Price iPhone 7 Latest Update - As one of the giant vendors that dominate the world mobile phone sales, Apple has confirmed the consistency to display sophisticated phones into the market. In addition to not stopped innovating in designing and producing quality products, Apple was still prioritize quality ponsael assemblies with a fixed phone prices soared.

Series-by-series that launched Apple, of course gives an overview of the buddy specifications and features available on Apple's mobile phone. This year, as a tough competitor from Samsung, Apple is preparing an iPhone 7 that carries a variety of features over the iPhone 6. So it's worth a try for your iPhone fans with quality qualified.

Price talk more about the iPhone 7 will be sold on the market at an undetermined time, the price range iphone 7 will still be sold in the spectacular price of around Rp. 10 million and above. Of course, for the higher series will be sold at a higher price as well. Price certainty we wait until the phone is officially released by Apple to the market.

Source : Harga Hp iPhone 7 .