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Price Xiaomi redmi Note 3 Recent and Specifications

Harga Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - Price Xiaomi redmi Note 3 Recent and Specifications - Xiaomi officially released redmi Note 3 as the ultimate smartphone in the year 2015. This smartphone comes with a significant change in terms of design, and a security system that makes it much better than redmi Note 2. As for the kitchen was redone, the phone is still equipped with Helio Mediatek chipset X10 bringing in 8 core 64-Bit processor technology with awesome performance buddy disposable perform various application functions or features of redmi Note 3. Talking about the features, this phone apparently features the fingerprint scanner.

System security and privacy redmi Note 3 to rely on the ability of fingerprint sensor that is able to authenticate users in just 0.3 seconds. In addition to more sophisticated security system, this smartphone is also equipped with sophisticated cameras with phase detection autofocus technology and various other photographic technology. Well for my friend ulashape.com are curious to find out what possessed superior features of this smartphone, and want to know how the actual price redmi Xiaomi Note 3 in Indonesia, please mate listened briefly review what we summarized in the following article.

Xiaomi marketing strategy that releasing the devices in two different variants back they did when marketing redmi smatphone Note 3. The reason will be available in two variants, the first has 16GB Internal 2GB Ram, and a second 32GB Internal 3GB Ram. Well for my friend who is interested in buying the version ulashape.com Ram 2GB, enough to pay around Rp. 1.9 Millions. While the price of Xiaomi redmi Note 3 3GB Ram priced around USD. 2.3 Millions. In other words, the price redmi Xiaomi Note 3 2GB Ram was only about 400 thousand and 3GB Ram version. So better friend buy a 3GB Ram version that has the ability to better hardware.

No doubt about the greatness of this mobile kitchen runway. Because Mediatek processor carries Helio X10 has 8 core processor with a clock speed reaches 2.0 GHz, and graphics processing or maximized by type PowerVR G6200 GPU. As a result the performance would be very fast, and able to bulldoze all applications and games smoothly. Especially when sobatm buy 3GB Ram version, of course, the performance will be much faster than version 2 GB Ram, because of the size of the internal memory is much greater. But fortunately both types of Note 3 redmi equally equipped microSD slot reaches a capacity of 128GB.

To support the stability and efficiency of the battery, do not forget the 7-based operating system MIUI Android 5.1 Lollipop already in the 5.5 inch screen smartphone. The presence of MIUI 7 into one of the advantages specification Xiaomi redmi Note 3, because it can enhance your appearance and boost performance homscreen redmi Note 3. Then for the power supply, have supplied battery powered Li-Po 4000 mah placed behind metal body with a thickness of 8.7 mm and has dimensions the overall size of 150 x 76 x 8.7 mm. As for the weight has reached a total weight of 164 grams.

Redmi Xiaomi Note 3 to be the thinnest smartphone has a 4000 mah battery power. Unfortunately, the battery can not be separated, but already features a handy fast charging to shorten battery charging. Armed with super large capacity battery, of course, this smartphone can last a full day with one rechargeable battery, so my friend not to worry about running out of battery power when you carry the smartphone outdoor activities, atuapun when traveling. And what about the screen kualias owned redmi Note 3?

For the display sector, Xiaomi complements redmi Note 3 with 5.5-inch screen. The screen has better quality than screen redmi Note 2. Because sunlight display technology has provided the added blend of IPS panel and full lamination technology. Interestingly, redmi Note 3 screen has a resolution of Full HD or 1920 x 1080 pixels similar to the display density reaches 401 pixels per inch. As a result each visual content pal playlist will look so clear and issued a more natural color. Unfortunately not yet known types of protective screens used this smartphone.

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