Saturday, September 3, 2016

HP Price List Latest Android Advan

HP Price List Latest Android Advan - Local products from Indonesia has continued to show its fangs in the mobile phone industry is the homeland, one of which is Advan. By relying on the type of Advan Vandroid, Indonesian companies have started to undermine the dominance of the top manufacturers in many types Indonesia.Setelah released in 2013, this time in the year 2014 Advan already preparing multiple types of mobile phones with top-class specifications are not laha from an established vendor , the price would be one important factor why Advan so successful in the market.

With bold sanga, Advan is membandrol phones they create a cheaper price than the products from Samsung, Sony, LG, and other major vendors. One phone Advan considerable success in the market because of its cheap price is Advan S5E.

Mobile is already in the Arm with mendium grade specifications such as Dual Core CPU and 512 MB Ram, price bandrol HP Advan mentioned under 1.5 million rupiah, and became one of the class of low-end phones in search of many people in many Indonesia.Selain Advan S5E other types that you can choose, but of course at a price that varied according to the specifications used. For premium class also has Advan Advan S5K. This phone is priced above 2 million rupiah, if we look at the specifications is used, it tesedia Quad Core CPU with a speed of 1.5 Ghz, laya Full HD, and large-sized 1GB Ram.

Source : Harga Hp Advan .